Specializing in Community Outreach & Engagement


Karimah Stewart

Public Relations Manager

As Public Relations Manager with The Hawthorne Agency since 2001, Karimah Stewart efficiently develops and executes effective community outreach and engagement plans using innovative methodologies and techniques. She accurately organizes and coordinates all aspects of The Hawthorne Agency’s outreach activities, including quality assurance/quality control measures, making certain that every task is carried out properly and in accordance with project deadlines.

Ms. Stewart acts as a liaison between project managers and corresponding publics for vital infrastructure projects, such as the Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Control Program. Using a unique hands-on approach, she possesses the ability to communicate directly with the public to determine and assess potential issues that may arise during the planning, design, and construction phases of a project. Ms. Stewart is also responsible for the coordination of public meetings, special events, and media relations efforts.

In a detail-oriented manner, she diligently ensures that necessary tasks are skillfully implemented to maximize equitable dissemination of information for all projects. Ms. Stewart holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communications from Xavier University of Louisiana.