Specializing in Community Outreach & Engagement


Steven Pierre

Graphic Design Manager

Steven Pierre has served as The Hawthorne Agency’s Graphic Design and Website Development Manager since 2001. Mr. Pierre artistically communicates the messages that clients want presented to their target audiences. His creative skills include the ability to develop visually appealing logos, cohesive style guides, maps, rich media web applications, and informative project websites. Mr. Pierre is an expert at his craft.

He has held the lead creative role in successfully branding multiple Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development projects including the New Orleans Rail Gateway Program. The program’s vibrant logo, designed by Mr. Pierre, clearly displays its unique identity and makes it recognizable at a glance.

Before joining The Hawthorne Agency, Inc., Mr. Pierre was part of the graphics and Web teams at Honeywell Technology Inc., and Tulane University Hospital & Clinic, where he directed the design and layout of multiple websites using the latest Web development technologies and techniques. His repertoire of expertise also includes teaching Web Design at Loyola University. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from Loyola University of New Orleans.