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Claiborne Avenue Corridor Study

  • Location:
    Orleans Parish, Louisiana

  • Prime Consultant:
    Kittelson & Associates, Inc.

  • Sponsoring Agency(s):
    City of New Orleans

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For decades, the City of New Orleans has been considering ways to effectively and sensitively develop Claiborne Avenue, a historically and culturally significant inter-parish commercial corridor that connects Jefferson Parish to the west and St. Bernard Parish to the east. The goal of the Claiborne Avenue Corridor Study was to build on past planning efforts while creating an alternatives analysis for a designated portion of the corridor that addressed sustainability, environmental, recreation, land-use, housing, transportation, and economic development potentials. Needless to say, the amount of information collected, organized, and analyzed was substantial.

It was the responsibility of THA’s creative team to develop a website to disseminate this information to the public. With a deceptively simple design and appealing green motif, the resulting site combined clear text and intuitive navigation with the judicious placement of photographs, renderings, videos, outreach results, and study documents in a way that encourages public interest in the potential of the corridor.