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New Orleans Business Alliance

Strategic Plan Facilitation and Action Plan Preparation

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    New Orleans, Louisiana

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    City of New Orleans

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With the vision of positioning New Orleans as the next great American city for business investment, the New Orleans Business Alliance needed to create a consensus among diverse stakeholders around a citywide strategic plan for economic development. Fulfilling this ambitious goal was no small feat in a city as culturally, ethnically, politically, and economically disparate as New Orleans. This is why expert planning, organizational, and facilitation capabilities that included intimate knowledge of the local economy were crucial.

To this end, THA coordinated logistics and provided facilitation for six large invitation-only stakeholder meetings of between 75 and100 participants, as well as six sub-committee meetings. THA also assisted in follow-up by providing meeting notes and summaries, in addition to contributing to the constructive review of the resulting Strategic Plan.